The Heiress got an all inclusive basic recognition and won four Academy Awards. In his survey in the New York Times, somebody who watched the film said the “crackles with insinuating life and fire in its delicate and anguished recounting a remarkably characterful story” and included, “Mr. Wyler has given this to some degree grim dramatization an engrossing closeness and a warming figment of proximity that it didn’t have on the stage. He has brought the full-bodied individuals intently and strikingly to see while keeping up the clearness and sharpness of their identities, their feelings, and their styles. The Heiress is one of the good looking, extreme and grown-up dramatizations of the year.”

A TV rating organization rates the film five out of a conceivable five stars and includes, “This effective and convincing show, owes its triumph to the deft hand of chief William Wyler and a momentous lead execution by Olivia de Havilland.

A magazine survey calls the film “regularly extravagant, meticulous and frosty, profoundly proficient and coldblooded.”

A TV station says of the exhibitions, “de Havilland’s depiction is spine-chilling Clift conveys an unobtrusive equivocalness to one of his slightest fascinating parts, and Richardson is additionally phenomenal.”